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Human Anatomy Blood
Homeschooling Unit Studies

Homeschool Human Anatomy Unit Study: Blood

A study of the human body is fascinating for all ages. Who’s not curious about the amazing, mysterious workings on the inside of ourselves? In our homeschool this year we are studying human anatomy in a unit study type format. Our primary homeschool “curriculum” is from Guest Hollow (check it out here and here) but I can’t leave well enough alone and am always looking for extras to supplement what we do. This week I’m focusing on our study of the blood.

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Human Anatomy Blood

I’ll start by saying that we really don’t need to add to our primary curriculum, as it is already rich and full of exciting content. However, since I am combining the junior and high school levels for my students, I wanted to find some more things that would be enjoyable for both of my kiddos at the same time. That’s the beauty of homeschooling, right? We can combine ages and don’t have to compartmentalize each student in their own age-level box.


Miscellaneous videos:

Khan Academy videos

Crash Course videos


  • Red Cross blood page here




erythrocyte     leukocyte     platelet     plasma     Rh factor     coagulate     anemia     hemophilia     hemoglobin     transfusion     phlebotomy


  Even something as commonplace as blood clotting is a complex process. Print and color this worksheet to learn about blood clotting.



I hope this helps you to have a fun and fulfilling unit study about the blood. Check back for more human body unit studies coming soon.

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