When Good Enough is Good Enough

Sometimes I have a great day. I mean, I meet my business goals, our homeschool day goes smooth, nobody is grumbling and complaining, I’m on top of my chores and I even fix dinner on time! But, most days, not so much. It’s these times when I have to remind myself that perfection is not […]

My 2017 Reading List, Part 1: Home Business Books

Reading is something that I rarely make enough time for, although I want it to be a priority. I see the value of reading wholesome, encouraging books that help me with my WAHM job, my Christian walk, my parenting and my homeschooling adventures. It’s easy for me to isolate myself, to be stuck in my own mind with […]

Mom’s Summer Reading List

I have a big list of books swirling around in my head that I want to read. There are so many areas of my life that I really need encouragement in and I love learning new perspectives and ideas from good books. I have copies of most of them, but either forget I have them or don’t […]

how to get along with difficult people

How to Deal with Difficult People

You ever have to deal with difficult people? Sure you do. We all do. And I don’t care who you are. It’s hard. Hard to keep my mouth shut when I want to say something rude. Hard to smile when I want to smack somebody. Hard to be cordial when I just want to leave. I’m […]

When Mom’s Attitude Needs Adjusting

Sometimes, in our home, we have attitude problems. I’m sure you can relate. I’d like to say that this is everyone else’s problem; I always have my attitude in check and I am the perfect example of grace and humility to my children. Maybe the children and my husband are the problem, because that would […]

When Life Feels Like Too Much to Handle…

Do you ever feel like the world is crashing down around you and you just can’t keep up with your day-to-day normal stuff? Like everything is just closing in on you and you feel like you will suffocate under the weight of it all? Man, have I been there! But there’s hope. We were never […]

Moms Need One Another

I wear many hats, as all moms do, and because of this, we could all probably use a little more encouragement. But how do we accomplish this? Where do we find the encouragement we need? (Long post warning…) We were not meant to travel this motherhood journey alone. Many times we are encouraged by our […]