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2017-2018 Homeschool Curriculum Choices


This year I decided to go with some things that were already laid out for me. While I enjoy the process of piecing together my own curriculum, I’ve learned I’m not that good at it. Last year we didn’t accomplish as much as we should have, for many reasons, but one big one is that I tried to just follow my own pieced-together curriculum and the plans I made proved to be incomplete. My ADD brain needs all the details when it’s time to execute the plans and can’t always process all the details in the planning stages, if that makes any sense. This sometimes leaves me with great ideas, but not enough detail to actually pull it off in real life. I needed to simplify my choices and use stuff that has more guidance, leaving less for me to figure out on my own.

So, this is what I’ve chosen for the coming year:

High Schooler

History  – Winter Promise Ancient History HS

Science – Guest Hollow Anatomy

English – Winter Promise HS 1, Write Shop I

Math – Horizons Pre-Algebra

Bible – Winter Promise Ancients HS

Health – Guest Hollow Anatomy

Driver’s Ed –



History – Winter Promise Ancient History 4/8

Science – Guest Hollow Junior Anatomy

English – Winter Promise LA 4 with Ancient literature

Math – BJU Math 4

Bible – Winter Promise Ancient 4/8

Health – Guest Hollow Anatomy

I’ll be sharing more about why I chose what I chose and how I am planning and organizing for the coming year soon, but for now i just wanted to get our curriculum choices down in concrete form, before I forget what I chose.

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