Unit Study: Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark

  I like planning unit studies. It’s fun and it allows me to tailor our studies to fit our needs. Rather than just reading from a textbook, we┬áincorporate hands-on activities, videos, living books, notebook pages and other stuff to really make it a full learning experience. Now, lest you think that I might be some […]

When Mom’s Attitude Needs Adjusting

Sometimes, in our home, we have attitude problems. I’m sure you can relate. I’d like to say that this is everyone else’s problem; I always have my attitude in check and I am the perfect example of grace and humility to my children. Maybe the children and my husband are the problem, because that would […]

Homeschool Lesson Planning with Spiral Notebooks

Lesson planning. Ugh. Some of us love it and some of us, not so much. It’s a necessary part of homeschooling our children, though. How can we know where we’re going if we don’t have a plan? Whether you homeschool one or ten, whether you unschool or traditionally school or anything in between, no matter […]

Five ways to make money from home

5 Ways to Make Money from Home

  If staying home is your heart’s desire, but you need to have some supplemental or even full-time income, there are ways to earn money from home that you might not have considered. These can all be done completely from home. Of course, they are jobs like any other job in that you have to […]

When Life Feels Like Too Much to Handle…

Do you ever feel like the world is crashing down around you and you just can’t keep up with your day-to-day normal stuff? Like everything is just closing in on you and you feel like you will suffocate under the weight of it all? Man, have I been there! But there’s hope. We were never […]