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rules vs relationships with teens

Rules vs Relationships When Parenting Teens

Rules vs. Relationships.  The first time I heard about this was at a local homeschool convention. There was a man speaking (I can’t remember his name) about how he damaged his relationship with his son by putting rules ahead of relationship. He was so rigid with his rules that his son felt unloved and misunderstood. […]

Top 5 Timesaving Tips for Work at Home Moms

As a mom who works from home, I am all too familiar with the various things that are time-sucks in the average day. You start out with a bang, but before you know it the day’s half gone and you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything. Between chores and meals and kids and work and […]

Human Anatomy Blood

Homeschool Human Anatomy Unit Study: Blood

A study of the human body is fascinating for all ages. Who’s not curious about the amazing, mysterious workings on the inside of ourselves? In our homeschool this year we are studying human anatomy in a unit study type format. Our primary homeschool “curriculum” is from Guest Hollow (check it out here and here) but I […]

2017-2018 Homeschool Curriculum Choices

  This year I decided to go with some things that were already laid out for me. While I enjoy the process of piecing together my own curriculum, I’ve learned I’m not that good at it. Last year we didn’t accomplish as much as we should have, for many reasons, but one big one is […]

When Good Enough is Good Enough

Sometimes I have a great day. I mean, I meet my business goals, our homeschool day goes smooth, nobody is grumbling and complaining, I’m on top of my chores and I even fix dinner on time! But, most days, not so much. It’s these times when I have to remind myself that perfection is not […]

My 2017 Reading List, Part 1: Home Business Books

Reading is something that I rarely make enough time for, although I want it to be a priority. I see the value of reading wholesome, encouraging books that help me with my WAHM job, my Christian walk, my parenting and my homeschooling adventures. It’s easy for me to isolate myself, to be stuck in my own mind with […]